Veronica Dunne

Veronica Dunne


Photographer Joshua Shultz
Stylist Franzy Staedter
Hair Castillo
Make Up Paul Anthony
Location The Sunset Marquis Hotel


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Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been acting?

Veronica Dunne (VD):  I have been acting since I was 4 years old. My background is in theater.

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BM:  Tell us about your show K.C. Undercover

VD:  K.C. Undercover is a hilarious new Disney Chanel series about a normal teenage girl who discovers that her parents are spies and is recruited to join the family business.

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BM:  What is it like playing Marisa?

VD:  It is a complete blast playing Marisa, she is a free spirit and the life of every party! To get to play a role as eccentric and vivacious as Marisa is beyond exciting, it brings something new everyday!

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BM:  What can we expect next from you?

VD:  I am reading different projects at the moment for my hiatus, but I hope to return to the stage very soon.

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BM:  Whats the best place for your fans to stay up to date on your journey?

VD:  You can fallow me on Instagram or Twitter @veronica_dunne to stay up to date on everything!

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BM:  What advice can you give to other aspiring artist?

VD:  To give it everything you have. When you are passionate about something, you should never let that flame die. Let your art fuel you and move you past all the struggles. It took me an immense amount of hard work to get to where I am, but I love to perform and when you love something that much, and never give up it’s only a matter of time until the stars aline.

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