Thomas Barbusca

Photo by Joshua Shultz


Bellus Magazine (BM):  You’ve been acting since you were six years old, what inspired you to get into acting?

Thomas Barbusca (TB):  My older sister Brielle inspired me because she started acting and landed a role on a television series when she was pretty young. I would go with her to set and knew from then, acting was something I wanted to do. 

Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  You’ve been acting on TV since 2012. Do you prefer television or your roots in commercial acting? 

TB:  I prefer television, although commercials are quick and fun. 

BM:  After your success as a television actor, have you ever considered transitioning into film or theater? 

TB:  I had the chance to do some theater, but it didn’t work with my schedule. It’s something I would like to do though. I’ve done a few movies, and I loved it.

Photo by Joshua Shultz


BM:  What made you sign on to play Chip on The Mick? Was there something in particular that attracted you to the character and/or show?

TB:  It would definitely be the people behind The Mick that are also behind It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphiawhich is one of my favorite shows. Getting to work with Kaitlin is a dream come true!


BM:  Can you tell us more about the show? 

TB:  It’s insanely funny. I feel there’s nothing like The Mick on network TV today. Kaitlin Olson plays my dysfunctional Aunt Mickey, who takes care of me and my siblings because our parents were indicted for federal fraud and sent to prison. Mickey is brass, tough and street smart…and we are not. We are bratty, entitled and think we have all the answers, which we don’t. Basically, Mickey is keeping us in line, and we are learning a different lifestyle from what we are accustomed to.  

BM:  Do you have a favorite memory or funny story from your time on set? 

TB:  So many. In every single scene with Kaitlin or Scott McCarther, I have to try to control myself from laughing. 

Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  What’s been your favorite role so far? 

TB:  “Chip Pemberton” has been my favorite role. I get to do so many crazy and different things each week. I’m having the best time!

BM:  What is your favorite television show or original series at the moment? 

TB:  I’m a big fan of Friends, Seinfeld and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! I’m a little behind, but I’ve been binge watching The Sopranos, and I’m on season 5. It’s amazing.

BM:  When you’re not acting what do you like to do? 

TB:  Hang with my friends and family, and go to basketball games. 

Photo by Joshua Shultz

 BM:  What’s next for you? Are there any projects you are working on? 

TB:  Right now, I’m filming season 2 of The Mick, but I also did a cameo for an indie film called Search, and guest starred on Ryan Hanson Solves Crime on Television for YouTube Red. 

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