Shanola Hampton

Shanola Hampton


Photographer Joshua Shultz
Stylist Franzy Staedter
Make Up Anthony Merante

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Bellus Magazine (BM): How long have you been an actress?


Shanola Hampton (SH):  I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old, professionally for 13 years.


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BM:  What it like working on the show Shameless?  


SH:  Working on Shameless is a true blessing!  We are a family and I know how rare it is to have that kind of closeness on a set.

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BM:  Tell us about your character Veronica Fisher.


SH:  Veronica is loyal, fierce, sexual, and a true friend.

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BM:  What is next from you?


SH:  All great things I hope. It’s important for me to show range, so hopefully I’ll have feature film opportunities to show that.

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BM:  What are some things you are really into right now?


SH:   Television, cupcakes, and my daughter … in no particular order. Ha!

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BM:  How do you stay in such amazing shape?
SH:  I work out! I’m not the healthiest eater, so I’m dedicated to the gym. Pilates, cardio, light weights/high reps.

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BM:  What is the best place for your fans to keep up to date with your journey?


@ShanolaHampton on all social media outlets

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