Petite Meller

Petite Meller


Photographer Joshua Shultz

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Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been making music?
Petite Meller (PM:  As a child I used to have sensitive ears and was always fascinated by every tiny sound. I used to record melodies with lyrics on my lil pink tape recorder.
As a grown up I did the same on my iPhone then played it to a producer who helped me take all the component which I love from Jazz, French chansons and African drums into this new genre I created call my “Nouveau Jazzy Pop”.
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BM:  When did you notice the transformation from aspiring musician to starting to have a career at it?
PM:  I used to live in Brooklyn Bedstuy writing my debut solo song NYC Time and shooting a video for it with some talented people I met online like Mexican Napoleon Habeica and Boston bred A.T.Mann.
I was investing my own budget and put it up
On Hypetrak then a British manager who was looking for the NY time on google found my video on the search and contacted me,
He relocated me in London and that’s where everything became more serious.
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BM:  Where do you get your inspiration for your music?
PM:  As a child I used to listen to the Jazz records of my father, like Dizie Gilespie, Charlie Parker i was falling a sleep with them all around me. I was dancing All around The room.
My mother used to listen to The Chansons of Charles Aznavour and Serge, she had a beautiful Chantal Goya Cd, she used to sing it like its a life or death situation.
I also was very inspired by records of Fela Kuti , LadySmith Black Mombazo and The Graceland Album by Paul Simon. The combination of it all is what effected me in writing my debut Album, and my first single Baby Love, I call my genre “Le Nouveau Jazzy Pop”.
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BM:  Tell us about your song “Baby Love”  What was your inspiration?
PM:  I wrote Baby Love with Swedish producer Jocke Åhlund, we were in his studio in Stockholm and I asked him If  I can beatbox with my mouth since I don’t like the programmed drums.
He opened a mic and an African rhythm came out of me, then we added bongos and congos and immediately knew where this video should be shot.
It is a song about a broken heart but rhythm and Joyful choirs uplifts people who hear it and make everyone dance with a smile, I feel I accomplished my mission.
Check out the music video for “Baby Love” here…

BM:  What was it like going to Africa to shoot your music video for Baby Love?
PM:  When I got to Nairobi I found exactly what I was looking for.
Hadija who set on the porch in a slums crossroad, Was a beauty with a dream to be an actress she had the perfect strong ambitious character. It’s her who I follow in the video in the desert. She uplift me from my sorrows directing me to her school friends joyful And happiness beat which Exemplify the essence of life.
When I got there I’ve changed my whole wardrobe from pastel colors to strong red pleads scarves and yellow that jumps out near the wild life area. For the kiss scene it took hours to convince a Female Giraffe to kiss me, Then we switched to a male Giraffe , he had the longest tongue and in a minute he licked the hell out of me.
BM:  What is next for you?
More adventures videos are up to come and no doubt My debut album. I feel like an explorer of countries in my unconscious mind, I got ma Backpack on, I’m ready for the ride.

For more information on Petite visit her website

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