Nathanaelle Couture has the Making of a Fashion Icon

Nathanaelle Couture has the Making of a Fashion Icon


What makes a great fashion designer? Great communication. Understanding current fashion trends. Attention to details. Nathanaelle Hottois easily has all three of these traits. But she also has one more that does not normally get mentioned. Being couture. But not just getting the measurements right. She looks at every curve on a woman and accents it correctly. She is a woman who understands a woman’s figure and knows how to make a woman look fantastic. After winning Los Angeles Fashion Week for the second time this year she is on her way to becoming the next fashion icon.

Black and White Dress


Nathanaelle Couture was nominated in Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2013 and again in 2014 amongst such esteemed designers as Michael Kors, DKNY, BEBE, Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs. Nathanaelle won the Contemporary Women Fashion Award 2014. Her designs are presented twice per year at LA Fashion Week with the last collection being presented last October 2014.

White dress outside pavilion


There is a lot of buzz going around about Nathanaelle’s collection. Her business is booming and her collection can be seen all over. Looking at her Spring/Summer collection 2015 here you can see what all of the hype is about.

Green Dress 1

First, are long dresses that work with a woman’s figure. Perfect for an elegant evening out with that special man. And there are many choices for the long dress in this years collection.

Long green dress


Next is an outfit that can be worn out or worn in the office.

A black top with a white lace collar together with a knee length black skirt with white lace. This outfit still fits the form of the woman while allowing for just enough conservatism to wear it in the office.

Black Top with Black and white skirt


Lastly there is this perfect summer outfit of the short sky blue and cream skirt with the lace top. This outfit has the purity of white while including the flirty zing of a short skirt. It is playful and fun without going over the top.

White short dress with red hair

Nathanaelle Couture has brilliantly created a new style that is reminiscent of the classics without losing her sense of being modern. No matter what your figure as a woman, Nathanaelle can create a perfect outfit for you. Look at her new collection and ask her to make you look fabulous. Keep your eyes open as I am sure you will be seeing these looks on the red carpet over the next year.

Black dress with flowers


Nathanaelle Couture is led by designer Nathanaelle Hottois and her fiancée David Haines. Together the two of them are really making something special in Los Angeles. You can contact them through their website to get an outfit for yourself at


Photographer: Chi Lee

White Knee Length Dress     Long dress on chair     Green dress with hoop

Long black dress in chair

Long black dress

Red Hair in Chair

Green gown with hoop by chair

Green dress on chair



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