Music Feature: Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear

By Brigitte Patton


Have you ever had those moments when you listen to a song and you are reminded of how much you LOVED the band or song you hadn’t heard in FOREVER? I had one of those epiphany moments the other day when a friend of mine, Alex Rose, keyboards player for Minus the Bear messaged me they were coming to perform at the Observatory in San Diego, tucked in the North Park neighborhood. A pretty awesome venue I might add with that cool “I’m going to the theater to see some opera” kinda vibe but instead, I’m there to see some legit indie music go down.

I’m always up for a show and a long time since I had seen my friends from Minus the Bear. My Saturday night was about to rage.. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I most definitely am.

Minus the Bear has some serious talent and I think they deserve so much more recognition in the music world than they already receive. When I hear a friend say how much they love them, I get instantly excited and feel like a proud parent in an awkward way that said friend knows their music. I’m weird I know.

MIB Drummer

The band’s set list was the Menos el Oso album in its entirety which was originally released in 2005, thus their 10-year anniversary tour. They played my personal favorite from the album, “Pachuca Sunrise” completely flawless. I was instantly transformed to the moments when I first heard the songs with that “how come I don’t listen to their music more often” question. Believe me, I’ve updated my Pandora with a “Minus the Bear” channel to make up for lost time – not that I don’t have their music on my iPod, I’m just lazy to plug it in and let’s be real, my phone is always closer than my iPod.

I was hanging out backstage with the cool kids before the show catching up and talking about the tour. Their next stop after San Diego was San Francisco. They were on an 18 show tour over 20 days which kicked off in early November and wrapped up in Portland, Oregon. Their special guests in San Diego included Murder by Death and Aero Flynn. Sadly, I didn’t get to see the openers because I was too busy hanging at one of the nearby North Park bars downing a glass of Rose. Cliché I know, but was a must. Next time either band is in town, throw me a message and I’ll be sure to catch your show – any friend of Minus the Bear is a friend of mine – musically speaking.

MIB Group

They played for about an hour and a half and ended with “Knights” from their Planet of Ice album as an encore. As soon as I heard the initial sounds of “Knights” beginning to play my eardrums were in complete tuneage overload. I’m not 100% sure “tuneage” is an official Webster’s dictionary word, but Urban Dictionary agrees with me on the use so I’m sticking with it. One of my favorite things to see is the reaction of the crowd when “their song” comes on and watching how their faces light up. I’m not even the one performing but it’s such a fun thing to see the look of people when the lights shine on their blissful faces that they are in the place they want to be in that moment.

MIB backstage

Post show vibes is that Minus the Bear is a band that always has the energy to have fun even though they slayed on their instruments just minutes before. Someone found the ultimate playlist and naturally threw on some Fetty Wap followed by Katy Perry. I have so much more respect for them now. It got gangster backstage in a nonruckus kind of way and I was into it.

MIB green room

If you have never heard of Minus the Bear, I highly recommend you find your nearest electronic device and download any of their albums. My personal favorite album is Planet of Ice so if you can only download one, that would be my suggestion, however, they’re all exceptional.  Up next for the band is to continue their Menos el Oso tour in the United Kingdom in January AND they plan to record a new album in early spring 2016!  Ekkkkkk!!  Get EXCITED!!

My personal goal for this article is to have enlightened your music knowledge. I typically write about my lust for fashion but I have this whole other side of me that has an unconditional love for music.   I’ve found that no matter what country I’m in, besides math (my inner geek speaking), music is something that binds people together and makes sense no matter what language you speak… and I love that.


You can follow the official band and each band member via Instagram:

Minus the Bear: @minusthebear

Jake Snider (lead vocals/guitars): @jakehsnider

Alex Rose (keyboards): @nghtblnd

Cory Murchy (bass): @corymurchy

David Knudson (guitars): @davidknudson

Kiefer Matthias (drummer): @kiefer_matthias

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