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Mary Sarah


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Bellus Magazine (BM):  How did you get into music?
Mary Sarah (MS):  I’ve loved music my whole life but it wasn’t until the age of 12 that I really began to LOVE LOVE it. I was on tour with Kidz Bop and I feel in love with that life. By that life I mean, the travel days, the rush of performing, the memories with others who were with me. It was amazing!
BM:  What was your inspiration for your single “Bless Your Heart”?
MS:  Well, I had a pretty rough high school experience with a girl who didn’t like me, and there was no reason for it! She even told people that….so one day I had a writing session and bam! There it was….Bless Your Heart!
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BM:  We can see you have had the opportunity to sing with some major legends.  What is going through your head when you are on stage performing with them?

MS:  Honestly, it’s hard to say. There are always SO many emotions about having the honor to sing with some of the Greats and I think the over all feeling is just thankfulness! I am honestly SOOOO blessed!
BM:  What advice can you give to other aspiring artist out there?
MS:  Keep going and work hard. There are always those who will say that you can’t do it or you are not good enough, and to those I say, Bless Your Heart!!
BM:  Bellus is Latin for beauty.  What is something you find beautiful in your life?
MS:  Everything. From everyday struggle to the simple smiles. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. You are where you are because you are meant to be there.
BM:  What is next for you?
MS:  Writing and a lot of studio time!! Just prepping to release my own music. I know my fans are just thriving to hear something new and I am just thriving to give it to them!
BM:  What is the best place for your fans to follow your journey?
Hmm..I am all over social media! Facebook, Twitter, Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud, Instagram, you name it! You can either go to my website ( which will send you to each link or just google me! I’m there!
Check out this very very talented singer below…

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