Madeline Zima, Yvonne Zima and Vanessa Zima are our favorite sisters in town!

Madeline Zima, Yvonne Zima and Vanessa Zima are our favorite sisters in town!

Photographer Joshua Shultz
Location The Sunset marquis Hotel

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Bellus Magazine became aware off the Zima sisters not long ago.  The more we learned about these very talented sisters the more we fell in love with them.  We had the honor to catch up with them for a photo shoot and an interview!

Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have all 3 of you been acting?  

Madeline Zima (MZ): I booked my first job at 28 months: an open call for a Downey fabric softener commercial.
Vanessa Zima (VZ): 19 years. Feels weird to say that.
Yvonne Zima (YZ) : 22 years.

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BM:  What is it like growing up in Hollywood and working in the film industry?
MZ: I have nothing else to compare it to. I really don’t believe in one standard of “normal.” Life is a wonderful weird circus no matter where or how you grow up.
VZ: It can be a fun experience, but it makes you grow up really fast. For me, the best part is getting to become different characters.
YZ: Because I had my sisters we weren’t really affected by the industry. Aside from doing a few action movies as a kid where I was always being shot at by Uzis, I had a tame suburban upbringing.
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BM:  Vanessa and Yvonne, I hear you two play sisters in the movie “Automatic Hate.”  What was that like?
VZ: It was the easiest part I ever had to play because I literally just showed up.
YZ: Vanessa and I don’t do any acting in the film. We are simply being ourselves. It’s the closet thing to a Discovery Channel documentary on chimps.
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BM:  Yvonne I hear you are playing twins in the movie “Killing Mommy” that is shooting this fall.  What can’t you tell us about that? 
YZ:  If scheduling works out, it’ll be my second movie for a wonderful producer I adore named Pierre David. I’d be playing two characters who are completely different.
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BM:  If you 3 could all be in a movie together, what type of movie would you like it to be?

MZ: I would like us to be in something that is supernatural and fun, where we could be telepathic with each other.
VZ: We’re currently writing a script for all us to play female versions of The Three Stooges. People don’t know that we’re funny so I can’t wait to show them.
YZ: I would love to play historic sisters like the Mitfords or the Brontes. Also, it’d be insanely fun to watch Vanessa and Madeline play Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine because those sisters had an insane off-screen rivalry.
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BM:  What advice can you give to the other aspiring artists out there, who are trying to make it in this industry?

MZ: You have to really love it or it won’t work. The industry is hard even for people, who are extremely successful. If you’re not in it for the right reasons you will be completely disappointed.
VZ: Pick yourself up and try again. The most successful people are tenacious.
YZ: If you can do anything else in the whole world, then do that. Hollywood swallows a lot of good people and disgorges unrecognizable assholes. If you must join this circus, do so out of passion for the work. 
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BM:  What is your definition of beauty? 
MZ: I prefer authenticity over aesthetics. When people say exactly what they’re thinking, feeling empowered or comfortable enough to be exactly yourself moment to moment… that’s beautiful.
VZ: Freedom. There is nothing more beautiful than a wild and free creature.
YZ: I find the most beautiful things are the most fleeting: youth, a sun rise, a smile from a stranger in passing. Wallace Stevens says it best: “Death is the mother of beauty.”
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