The Longshots

The Longshots


Photographer Joshua Shultz
Videos by Joshua Shultz


Band Members: Joey Gorman, (Alex) Zobel, (Kristopher) Luther, Brady Hamilton, Parker Donaldson


Interview answered by: Joey, Zobel & Luther

Bellus Magazine:  How was the band formed and when?

(A) – answered by Joey

the band formed in the spring of 2012 with me, Zobel, Luther, and our former bassist/co-songwriter Jake Paleschic. We were cutting some old country/folk-esque songs on a tascam with our friends at Dreamy Soundz Records in Ft. Worth. it was primarily a songwriter split 7″ that we were gunning for with all of the material. but after 2 sessions me and Zobel knew what had to be done. Luther was playing drums at this time just for fun. Things got real serious, real fast career wise. We are a band that runs on NO malice. so we just re-situated everything to the point of knowing for certain that we had a line up that would REALLY last through all the bullshit we knew we were going to have to deal with in order to do what we love. Jake is a brilliant songwriter and a best friend, just moved at a different pace. So in the end our megazord went full on 5 piece. Kris “tenderloin” Luther now plays bass. Brady “sweatz” Hamilton is on drums. “Party” Parker Donaldson plays a 3rd auxiliary guitar and sings lead on occasion. Zobel and I have kept our original slots as head singers/songwriters. we switch lead vocals due to the writer of each individual song’s preference. The best part about the longshots…if you want to sing. you sing. if you want to write. you write. no malice. no pride. no prisoners.



BM:  What would you say are your inspirations?

(A)  We just wanna do our part to carry the rock n roll torch to the next level. And do it right.

BM:  Where have you gone while on your most recent tour?

(A) the last time we hit the road was our 2014 spring tour which just recently ended March 30th in Los Angeles w/ shows at El Cid 3/29 w/  label mates, Jesus Sons & then Permanent Records in-store (one of the last shows they are throwing at the old Eagle Rock location) 3/30 w/ Son of Stan. The tour began with an album release party in our hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas on February 21st, we hit Dallas the following Sunday. Our album officially dropped on Mock Records/Frenchkiss Label Group the following tuesday 2/25 while on the road to Nashville. We played the Stone Fox with D. Watusi and a house show with PUJOL while in Nash. We then headed to Chicago where we played Quenchers Saloon in Logan Square. So much snow, so many badass people. We then hit Rock Island, IL (home of the blue brothers lol) where we recorded at the Daytrotter headquarters. (OUR SESSION IS ONLINE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE). that night we played a kickass bohemian joint called Rozz Tox. one of the most wonderful surprises a touring band could encounter. We then hit Omaha for a scheduled hangout with the Saddle Creek records posse. they showed us everything from the store front to the war room. incredible. we then made our way to Denver for a show at Lost Lake Lounge w/ burger records’ Pizza Time & denver’s BUD BRONSON. THC is alive and it lives in colorado, baby. Albuquerque came next where we rocked Blackbird Buvette. Due to SXSW we circled back down to Texas. Burger Records held a huge one day southby pre-party in Ft Worth the monday before sxsw began. we got to rock that and another pre sxsw party the next night in Dallas with PUJOL. ATX/SXSW was kickass for us this year. played the American Icon Records party @ spider house w/ bad sports and american sharks and like a billion other kickass bands. The mock records showcase at the Remedy bar on 5th…that shit was incredible. SUPER open bar at a SUPER swanky joint. beautiful sound system. beautiful bartenders. I puked all over 6th street. Woke up in a parking lot, found a BK OG chicken sandwich. Found (Alex) Zobel at the corner of 12th & Lamar. Found his jacket with yesterday’s cigarettes and we got the hell outta austin. This is what we called the “Return of the Jedi” portion of the tour – on the ambitious road to california, we hit Albuquerque again for a St. Patty’s Day bash at Burt’s Tiki Lounge. Denver again for more edible hash gummy bears & a show with Max Payne and the Groovies at Lion’s Lair. Salt Lake City followed with a kickass show downtown at a hotel lobby & barrel basement turned venue called The Hotel & the Barrel Room lol. All of the other bands were on there way to Tree Fort Music Fest…we on the other hand had a score to settle in the heart of the Bay area. We played a place called “The Night Light” in Oakland. So kickass. stayed at a real seedy commune joint laid out like a crack house. Ate lots of beans, cheese & rice and skipped town headed for the great valley, which lead us into the arms of Los Angeles. Then we met your sexy A-list ass.




BM:  What is it like being on tour?

(A) you can backpack through 3rd world countries, take a motorcycle down to peru, maybe gather up your savvy and establish yourself in NYC, or travel the USA like a crusty gypsy…but I swear there is nothing more powerful, addicting, painful, rewarding, or beautiful than living out of a van, rocking a different city every day with your brothers. Guranteed.



BM:  Any good on the road tour stories?

(A) Luther kept a tumblr diary of the tour: PLEASE READ THIS


BM:  What would you say is your favorite show?

(A) This is a hard question to answer seeing as every city…whether it was a monday or a friday night… really showed us their best side. This was our 1st US tour. we broke even and didn’t have to play an empty room one time. A few of us actually gained weight and we made the most money in california – all things that shouldn’t happen but TOTALLY did. The entire tour was a god damn dream come true.

El Cid on sunset LA, The Remedy at SXSW, and our 1st show in Denver are probably the groups’ top 3.



BM:  What is next for your band?

Lots of writing, recording. We have a lot of Texas shows to end the spring then we hop in the studio with Jordan Richardson again this summer. We are also doing CMJ in New York City this October. We really want to be in Europe by late 2015. So as always… “working thy ass off” is what is usually “next” for the longshots.




Bellus Magazine had the chance to drive out to the middle of nowhere and witness “The Longshots” play live for us.  Below are the amazing live videos for you!



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