Kiki Sukezane

Kiki Sukezane


Photographer Joshua Shultz
Stylist Lisa L.  Martinez
Make Up Miyabi Goto


Bellus Magazine (BM): How did you get into acting?
Kiki Sukezane (KS):  I wanted to be an actress scince I was little, but I didn’t start till I was about 20.
I found an acting school in Tokyo, and decided to go there,
and started working on Japanese films.
BM:  What is it like working on “Heros Reborn”?
KS:  It was hard, coz I had a lot of action, but also it was so much fun shooting.
All of the cast are so nice and fun people, we went to a lot of places together in Toronto when we have time off.
BM:  Tell us about your character “Miko Otomo”?
KS:  She is a Japanese girl who lives in Tokyo, and is looking for her missing father.
She is strong character that never gives up. She always feels that she has to complete her mission for her father.   and she likes Ren.
BM:  What is it like getting to work with the other cast of Heros?
KS:  It was fun.   I learned something everytime I worked with them.
BM:  What is next for you?
KS:  I don’t know.   I’m looking for auditions now.
I just have to find next job.
BM:  What advice can you give to the other aspiring artist out there?
KS:  Have fun!
BM:  Bellus us latin for beauty.  What is the definition of beauty for you?
KS:  When people help someone, or they help each other.
I think that’s really beautiful.
Check out the trailer for Heros Reborn here…

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