Kathryn Prescott

Kathryn Prescott


Photographer Joshua Shultz www.joshuashultz.com
Stylist Franzy Staedter
Make Up Ashleigh Louer using Nars Cosmetics at Magnet Agency
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Location Sunset Marquis Hotel

Kathryn Prescott
Dress: Rieley Sweater: Azul by Moussy



Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been acting?


Kathryn Prescott (KP):  I started acting when I was 15, I started with my twin sister.  We only had one job before we did Skins.


Kathryn Prescott
long sleeve shirt: Azul by Moussy Skirt: Emily Daccarett


BM:  What was it like playing Emily Fitch on Skins?


KP:  It was cool!  I feel like I was really lucky because the writers are really great! I was talking earlier about cyber bullying and I was asked if anyone had said anything bad and they really have not.  I think it’s because of the characters I get to play.  The characters have been written in such a way that people really like them and can empathize with them.  Emily was a really great example of that.

I feel like the story line between Emily and Naomi was really important because that wasn’t something that really has been written about a teenage lesbian relationship.  Which obviously happens.  I was really happy I got to be apart of it.


Kathryn Prescott
Dress: Rieley Sweater: Azul by Moussy


BM:  Tell us about Finding Carter?

KP:  Finding Carter is about a girl who has this really great life with her single mom. One day Carter and some of her friends get taken to jail for doing something stupid, some prank. They let all of her friends go when their parents come except her.  The Police tell her that they put her name into the system, and it came up that she is a girl they have been looking for in another state for 13 years.   Because she was abducted from her real family when she was 3 and the women she thought was this amazing mother was actually this women who kidnapped her.


Kathryn Prescott
long sleeve shirt: Azul by Moussy


BM:  Can you tell me about your character as Carter Stevens?

KP:  When I first auditioned for the part I sent in 2 tapes.   When they called me in I spoke with the director about the part.  He said the great thing about Carter is that she is an adult in a teenager’s body.   I feel like that’s very true of her and she is really an old soul in a way.

But she also is very much like a 15-year-old girl.  She deals with all the normal things a 16 year old goes through.  But the way she deals with people, how she talks to people and how she is around people, she kind of sees through people.  She is kind of like an adult in that sense.  I feel like that comes from the way her other mom raised her.  Treated her with respect and let her know its ok to make mistakes and didn’t smother her.  She treated her like an adult.   So she would have no reason to rebel or act like a kid.  I feel like she has this worldly wiseness abut her.  I feel that it is from the experience that her false mother gave her.

Kathryn Prescott
Blouse: Neuw Denim Skirt: Supremebeing Shoes: Sole Society Necklace: Makko

BM:  What advice can you give to other aspiring artist out there?

KP:  Stick with it!  If you are having trouble and you are not getting auditions then take some classes.  Build your confidence.  I think it’s very important to keep up the practice of acting.   Just keep doing it to keep up your competence because its hard to go into a room to audition and be in a room with a bunch of people you feel are judging you.   So anything you can do to up your competence.  Also be nice with yourself!  Don’t give yourself such a hard time.


Kathryn Prescott
Blouse: Neuw Denim Necklace: Makko

BM:  What’s the best place for your fans to keep up to date with your journey?


My twitter account  @katprescott77


Check out the trailer for Finding Carter here…



Kathryn Prescott
long sleeve shirt: Azul by Moussy Skirt: Emily Daccarett Shoes: Alejandra G.
Kathryn Prescott
Blouse: Linden Necklace: Makko


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