Jonathan Sadowski

Jonathan Sadowski


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Jonthan Sadowski: Blazer: Klein Epston Parker Shirt: Eton Riley Smith: Suit: Moods Of Norway Shirt: Hartford Nathan Parsons: Suit: Klein Epstein Parker Shirt: Klein Epstein Parker Kit Williamson: Suit: Sy Devore Shirt: Moods of Norway

Bellus Magazine had the chance to meet up with 4 amazing actors for a day of photo shoots and interviews and laughs.  To see all the group photos click this link  HOT GUYS    Below is the interview and photos for the very talented actor Jonathan Sadowski…

Jonathan Sadowski stars opposite Emily Osment (“Hannah Montana”) on ABC Family’s new comedy “Young & Hungry,” set to premiere June 25th. The show is executive produced by Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical”) and also stars Rex Lee (“Entourage”). The show is based off of real life food blogger Gabi Moskowitz and her blog BrokeAssGourmet. Jonathan is additionally the lead of the film It’s All Relative opposite Connie Nielsen and Sara Paxton, due out this year. Previously he starred in the film Chernobyl Diaries and as William Shatner’s son on CBS’ “Sh*t My Dad Says.” He was also in the films Live Free or Die Hard and Friday the 13th. Jonathan is a writer / director as well and moonlights as a magician (he is a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle!). You can view the trailer for “Young & Hungry” here –

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Shirt: Cotton Citizen Jeans: Stylist Own

Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long Have you been acting?

Jonathan Sadowski (JS):  I have been performing since around 3rd grade. I was doing music recitals, and magic shows….yes. Magic shows (I still perform and I’m a member of the Academy of Magical Arts/Magic Castle). My first real audition was to get into the acting school at the University of Illinois. After getting my BFA in theatre, I moved to LA.

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Shirt: Cotton Citizen Jeans: Stylist Own
BM:  Tell me about your character on “Young and Hungry.
JS:  Josh Kaminski is a millionaire tech genius, but deep down he is a big kid. He loves Star Wars and video games and karaoke. That said, he has a big heart and looks after his friends at any cost.
BM:  When can we see “Young and Hungry”? 
JS:  We premiere June 25 at 8/7c on ABC FAMILY.

BM:  What is “Its all Relative” about and tell us about your character in it?
JS:  I play Harry, a good guy who is falling in love with his girlfriend. However when he goes to meet her parents, he realizes he has slept with her mother. Haha. It’s a pretty great flick.

BM:  What is next for you?
JS:  I’m currently finishing up the script for a feature film that I’ll be directing. And you can always find me at The Magic Castle.

BM:  What advice can you give to other aspiring artist out there?
JS:  Never quit. Never let anyone tell you what you can/can’t do. Their is always room for another artist in the world. Find your niche and show people how brilliant you are.
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