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Jeremy Fall


Eric Mooney

“I’m part of a new wave of creatives. Generation Y, fueled by Warhol and Bukowski, living in a self-obsessed culture of dreamers. We’re an addiction-prone youth and products of Tinder, Molly, and TV’s destruction of reality. And everything, really. My nostalgia for vintage icons and love for rock ‘n’ roll is what breeds my creativity and I seek any sort of artistic inspiration that helps me lead the conversation and conceptualize the future. I mean, why wouldn’t I fight to make history? I grew up with iPhones and Google and a high consumption of information that makes us all feel like we know everything. It’s our paradoxical blend of narcissism and insecurities that makes me feel like we can actually change the world. And guess what, we will. ” – Jeremy Fall


“Everything in my life essentially revolves around art”, states Fall. Every morning, he wakes up at 6:30 am to explore the Internet for inspiration. Jeremy Fall, founder and designer of FALL, is a young 23-year-old innovator who is determined to establish a legacy. I got a chance to sit down with Jeremy over a cup of coffee and talk fashion, inspiration, aspirations, and all things creative. Arriving first to prepare my microphone and camera, I was slightly nervous at what the outcome of the interview would be. After a couple of minutes, I look up to see him walking towards me dressed in black from head to toe and rocking rare calf-hair Doc Martens boots, a Rick Owens leather jacket, and drop-crotch jogging pants. Just by his choice of garments alone, I could tell that Jeremy was on another level artistically. His style alone showcased a confident stride that made you feel like he is a man that’s going to make a dent in history.


Talking with Jeremy about his creative process was nothing short of enlightening. Inspired by the greats, specifically Andy Warhol, he strives to create art that stands against time, and is innovative yet relatable. He shared his love for design with me, throwing underground parties around the country, and his dream of designing shoes and hotels. “Shoes are the closest thing you can get to wearable architecture. They’re like miniature statues that you can wear,” says Fall.


“I want to build a collective of creatives who tackle projects together that are out of our comfort zone. An underground group of artists who are fixed on advancing culture.” Jeremy’s dreams are far larger than that of his new line, FALL. A true visionary, he sees ten years down the road and looks to inspire and create a community of people who are like-minded and ready to make a difference. It’s people like Jeremy that are going to be added to Art History books in 20-30 years as people who shaped this generation. There is so much grabbing for our attention nowadays between television, social media, and advertisements; yet, the ones who see passed it, utilize it for a creative purpose and are the ones who will effectively change our culture.



Below you can see Jeremy’s line alongside Jonni’s paintings. You can see the entire look book at and Jonni’s work on his website:


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