Jedidiah Goodacre

Jedidiah Goodacre

Photographer Kyla Hemmelgarn


Bellus Magazine (BM):  Has acting always been a passion of yours?

Jedidiah Goodacre (JG):  I’ve always loved acting and movies, and stories all together. I never actually did any drama growing up other than entertaining friends. It took me until I was 22 before I even had the courage to tell people I wanted to consider it as a career, but it has and always will be a passion for me.


 BM:  Can you describe what it was like booking your first role in Restless Virgins? What was the audition process for you like? 
JG:  Booking my first role on “Restless Virgins” was a huge surprise! I was only a few months out of acting school, I had long hippie hair, and I had to do a Texan accent. I remember having an instant connection with the director Jason Lapeyre when I walked in the audition room. He’s a very funny guy, and the audition scenes were basically poking fun at friends so luckily I had some previous experience. It was an amazing first project and an awesome cast and crew.
BM:  You play Buddy in Tomorrowland, can you describe your character and how you prepared for this role?
JG: In “Tomorrowland”, I am one of three Jetpack buddies who are flying around and ‘stunting’ on some public jetpacks. My character is there to kind of introduce another crazy element of this new world, instead of public bicycles, there are public jetpacks. I had to do a lot of stunt training for this since were up 50 feet in the air!
BM:  What advice would you give to other actors out there trying to make it in the industry?
JG: My advice at this moment to anyone trying to make it in the industry is vague and simple – believe in yourself, work hard, work smart; the dam will break.
BM:  If you could play any role, what would it be and why?
JG: If I could play any role I would choose a biopic of someone since I would find the research and work so interesting; I would be able to put another real human being under my own personal microscope. Creepy I know. And who? Well I would be very upset if there was Jim Carrey biopic and I didn’t get a crack at it. I would cry… I actually started to tear up right now just thinking about it.
BM:  Here at Bellus Magazine we find the beauty in all types of art forms, what defines beauty to you?
JG: What defines beauty to me? Hmmm… toughy. Probably can’t define it. I think it would be nonsensical to reduce beauty to a single definition. My suggestion to anyone who wants to know what beauty means is to go looking for it everywhere, you’ll know when you’ve found it.
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