BELLUS MAGAZINE (BM):  How I Like It’ is your debut album. What inspired you to record a solo album? 

JAMES MASLOW (JM):  I’ve always wanted to create my own music. Hell, I was writing my own music well before BTR, but it was only after the many years of that craziness and then a couple to myself to travel and experience life, that I felt I had enough to talk about.


Photo by Joshua Shultz


BM:  How did you come about titling the album?

JM:  Even though the title track brings far more depth and sexuality to the words “How I Like It”, the title is pretty self explanatory. As a solo artist creating my own music and art, I finally get to do things how I like.


Photo by Joshua Shultz


BM:  How I Like It’ has received a lot of positive feedback. How would you describe the feel of the album?

JM:  It’s pop music, but each song has it’s own flare and thus feels a little different that the last. Some songs like “Addicted” are pop with electronic influences and others like “You’re The One” are still technically pop but from a much softer and more acoustic approach. I wanted to create an album that flowed together socially from start to finish, but that had a diverse mix of sound and feel.


Photo by Joshua Shultz Shirt by Shultz Clothing


BM:  What is the song ‘Who Knows’ about? 

JM:  Who Knows is about a relationship that I let run on for too long. I was in love and it blinded me to so many things…but once I was able to step away from it I also learned so much about myself. What I liked and even more important, what I didn’t. What I won’t repeat again.

Photo by Joshua Shultz Shirt by Shultz Clothing


BM:  What was the inspiration behind the song? Did personal experience play a part in the song writing and treatment of the video?

JM:  Though it focuses predominantly on one past relationship, there are bits of other ones peppered into it as well…multiple experiences that I learned from. All of it, including the treatment for the video derived from personal experience.

Photo by Joshua Shultz Shirt by Shultz Clothing


BM:  What can you tell use about the video, from the idea to the team to the completion?

JM:  I was sick of waiting around for brands and management to come up with money to do a “big” video, and eventually just turned to my friends and said let’s go do it. I brought in my buddy Joshua Schultz to help complete the pieces and direct, along with my boy David Sherbrook to DP and we were off. I just said fuck it, and asked for favors from my talented friends and personally financed the rest. I know we’re all extremely proud of what we created.


Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  What’s next for you?

JM:  Well besides more badass music videos, a lot more music, performances and film premiers around the corner, I’m about to start filming a new movie here in LA. In the middle of that I’ll perform at Jingle Ball LA, a charity show at MSG then Jingle Ball NY. I love being busy…and thinghs are only just ramping up!

Heres the link to watch “Who Knows” by James Maslow again and a full list of credits:

Director Joshua Shultz
DP David Sherbrook
Talent James Maslow, Amber Davis and Tyler Hynes
Grip John Rosario
Editor Joshua Shultz & Sandu Negrea
Producers Joshua Shultz, Weslee Kate and Jaclyn Prophet
Stylist Jaclyn Prophet
Location Sunset Marquis Hotel

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