GinaMarie Zimmerman

By: Shannon Moody, NYC Editor

Photograpy: David Drese (Follow on IG @monkistar)

GinaMarie was a contestant on CBS’s hit summer show Big Brother, season 15, where she came in 2nd place!! Check out my Q&A with the lovely GinaMarie below and the stunning images captured of GinaMarie at season 19’s premiere party at Slate in NYC.

Q: What have you been up to post-Big Brother? What are your plans in the next year or 2, as far as future work goes?

A:  After being on Big Brother, it opened up a lot of opportunities for me . I love everything in and about the entertainment industry. So being on BB, it allowed me to pursue a lot of my dreams and make them come true. I was in a movie, made two amazing music singles called “Open Book”  & “Know Me” (which you can find on iTunes).  Hopefully, within the next two years, I could continue to make more music and still be able to dance. I’ll always have my BB family but, it is important for me to start a family of my own one day. And thus, I want to build an amazing future with my boyfriend!

Q: If you could go back into the BB house in a future season, would you go and why? And if you would go back in, would you like to be in with other vets or a new cast?

A: I would totally love to go back in the BB house, I mean who wouldn’t want a chance to win half million dollars!! The game is super hard and that house can definitely drive you crazy!! But since I already have been through it, I guess I could say the second time around would maybe be a little easier…..right…, but probably not!

If I had to pick a vet be in an alliance with , one would be Derrick, obviously because he won and he knows his shit!  Amanda from my season because nobody would see that coming!  Aaryn or Judd because I know I can trust them both, and outside of the house, they are 2 of my best friends.

If I didn’t have to choose a vet, then I would definitely want to align with my boyfriend! He’s very very smart, athletic, quiet when he needs to be. Plus, he would definitely calm me down in crazy situations because we all know I speak my mind in the house! So yes, a great idea would certainly be BB fan faves and their BFFs or significant others!

Q: For this current season of BB, what are your thoughts and do you have anyone or a couple of people you are rooting for?

A:  I think every season of BB is pretty amazing in it’s own way.  BB always has different twist & turns and like they say on Big Brother…”Expect the Unexpected”.

For this season, I have to say one of my favorite houseguests, and one I’ll be rooting for this summer would be Paul. And my reasons why are because not only is Paul a great player but, he is also my friend. I know he came in second last year and so did I from my season. I am certainly a little jealous that he got a second chance to go back in the BB house to win the 500k, haha! But he’s a hard worker and super cool. I wish him all the best. I want him to plow thru the competition & KICK ASS!

**This photoshoot took place at Slate in NYC, during the BB19 season premiere. It was fun being able to capture GinaMarie in some of her best elements, being herself, having fun, and spending time with her fans!**

Q: Provide some details for the look you are wearing in the photos and how this fits your fashion style?

A: I love to wear something that is comfortable, but still super sexy. So for tonight’s event, I am wearing a very sexy, yet comfy, LBD. And it’s also easy to accessorize with my statement-making necklace and bright pink heels!

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