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Gabrielle Symons






You’re probably reading Bellus & looking at this photo wondering who is this chick and why does Bellus care about her?


My name is Gaby Symons and I am that chick. 23 years old and I am an artist. I first began in this business singing lead vocals in the band The New Officials. It’s pretty wild how we formed; it’s actually pretty f*cking rad. I grew up in the Valley with my two crazy, fun parents from New York and an incredible older brother. My family instilled in me the passion to follow my heart and do something fulfilling for my soul. The band was a trio made up of me and my two dear friends, who just happen to be brothers, Michael and Demitri Lerios, who were also my next door neighbors growing up. So I guess, you could call me the girl next door.


While all my friends were going to soccer practice after school and eating ice cream, I was rushing home to 4 o’clock band practice with my best friends. I have spent the past seven years building a project that has taken me down so many avenues.  Seven years, what a lifetime… I have lived in Sweden, opened for Demi Lovato and Becky G, and written with the most inspiring songwriters in the business. For so long, I was told what to do and how to do it, but as time went on I realized that creativity has to come from within. It took a rebirth of the group and breaking all of my preconceived notions of how to operate to understand this. I have become a product of the industry, opportunities, ups, downs, deal, no deal… It is something I wouldn’t trade for the biggest chocolate milkshake on the planet. It has molded me, given me perspective, helped me understand what it is to be a fighter. It keeps me going.  Best of all, I get to do it with the people that I love most.



I am so excited for my future and can’t wait to share my voice with the world. The internet has given us so much access to exposure  , I find a new way to connect with people everyday. It is a beautiful shift in the industry that has given us the tools to create almost anything we can imagine. What I have come to love the most though is the fact that I can collaborate with so many unbelievable creatives. It’s exactly how I found the incredible team that put together this amazing photo shoot and invited me to be featured in Bellus. I take pride in the relationships I cultivate and the people I meet along the way. From my passion for music to my affinity with religion and culture, I am consistently keeping myself busy exploring and discovering new parts of who I am through these connections.


As I move forward with my career, I am working to give the world a side of life they are not accustomed to. A piece of music they haven’t heard before and a little bit of crazy that gives everyone a reason to keep on being wild. You will start to see that this road I am on is one that has given me so much to be thankful for and helps put into perspective just how great life can be. Get ready for me world, I’m coming.


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