FALL is around the corner and it’s time to get out those warm browns, sultry reds, and dark plum purples!


Here are our favorite FALL choices:

 Numb ered




If you want that refreshed fall look and you want to get rid of those nasty dark circles then THIS is the product for you! It not only evens out your skin tone but it gives you that smooth natural look that you’ve always wanted. (Product can be bought on www.ulta.com)




  • (2)  MAC PREP & PRIME SPF 25 


For a smooth and natural look that keeps your skin looking young and glowing, you MUST try MAC PREP & PRIME light concealer. It covers up your blemishes while protecting your skin all day long.






Want smooth lips and an irresistible color that lasts all night? Then you should DEFINITLY try this MAC LIPSTICK PRIMER. Just put it on before you apply your favorite fall color and your lips will be as luscious as they looked from the second you stepped out your door.





We have tried many red lipsticks by many brands, but there is just nothing that compares to our go to fall red MAC’S RUBY WOO. Not only is it a deep luscious red, but it will stay on your lips all night without a smudge on your pearly whites.



  • (5)  VIVA GLAM 3


Fall’s the perfect time to strut those purple kiss marks and nothings better than MAC’S MATTE VIVA GLAM 3. Enjoy being dark, that’s what fall is all about. This product is just enough dark and sexy.

(TIP* To make your lips look even more luscious and plump gently dab some of the MAC RETROSPECK FROST [8.] or any other shimmery shadow on the middle of both your bottom and top lips.)






Want to take it a step further this fall, then you MUST pull out the BODYOGRAPHY ELECTRIC LIP SLIDE’S BERRY’D ALIVE. Sounds haunting? That’s because it is…and how could anyone resist?

 (7)  If you want that perfect warm fall SMOKEY EYE then these are the eye shadows for you:

Step One: Start with the base color MAC’S RETROSPECK FROST (middle shadow)

    Step Two: Gently dab your eye shadow brush into both MAC’S FICTION FROST and MAC’S MYSTERY and blend the brush into the outside corner of the eye and eyelid crease.



  • (8)  Lastly, the double-sided eye shadow brush by BARE ESCENTUALS!


What a find! Use the thicker end for applying shadow and blending, then turn the brush around to use the thin point as an eyeliner brush.


XO Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff & Kandice Kinsley



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