Erin Coscarelli

Erin Coscarelli


Photographer Joshua Shultz


Bellus Magazine (BM):  When did you decide you wanted to be a sportscaster?

Erin Coscarelli (EC):  I started covering sports when I was in college at USC. I was
reporting on the football team which at the time was #1 in the
country. I always wanted to play sports at the collegiate level, so
getting to cover sports while I was in school was an awesome
alternative. And then it just took off from there. I knew that was
what I wanted to do from then on.


BM:  How did you come to work for the NFL Network?

EC:  I was covering the 49ers in San Francisco when my agent got a call
about possibly working for NFL Network. I’m originally from Los
Angeles, so to get a chance to move back down to my hometown and work
for one of the best sports networks…well, it’s been a dream come

BM:  You’re currently hosting NFL HQ, can you tell us a bit about that?

EC:  It’s a morning show that delivers the latest story lines and news on
ALL 32 teams in the league. We’ll get you caught up on what you need
to know before game time, breaking down the on-the-field perspective,
fantasy football advice, as well as incorporating what the fans want
to talk about. We literally had a day where we asked viewers to send
in the content they wanted us to talk about, ranging from the current
situation with Johnny Manziel and the Browns to sending in their
fantasy lineups and analyze them. It’s awesome!

BM:  What is your favorite part of your job?

EC:  Connecting with the viewers. Letting them know we care about what they
want to see on their TV sets. We can listen to what they say,
EVERYTHING they say, on social media – and I think it’s great. We are
in a time where people want to be instantly connected. The age of
social media. And we can do that on the show. It’s a lot of fun.

BM:  What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

EC:  I think to be able to pursue what you love is a big accomplishment. I
knew I always loved doing this even if it meant working two jobs or
waking up in the middle of the night, I was willing to do what it
takes to pursue my dreams. I feel blessed to be doing what I do
especially because I love it so much. Sports and journalism were my
two favorite passions and I’m getting to do it for a living. I’m
pretty lucky. But then again I worked pretty hard to get here too.

BM:  How do you stay in such amazing shape with your busy schedule?

EC:  I work an overnight shift so I’m going into work at 1am and wrapping
at 7am. It’s not easy on the body, which means you need to work out.
You need physical exercise to be able to keep up with what can be an
exhausting schedule. So everyday after we wrap I try to head to the
gym. Routine is very important to me. I enjoy it. And going to the gym
is a huge part of it.

BM:  If there is one thing you could tell young girls who want to become
broadcasters, what would it be?

EC:  Never give up. Sometimes a door will get shut and it’ll hurt, but if
you keep going and just believe in yourself, you will get there.
Everyone that is successful in this business just believed in
themselves. You can get there too.

BM:  Bellus means “beautiful.” What are some of the most beautiful things
in your life right now?

EC:  It’s quite simple for me, really. The happiness and the health of the
people I love. Being surrounded by those I love.


For my info check out Erin’s website!

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