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By Joshua Shultz


Well, in the first place, I was immediately impressed by the set design, the wardrobe and the color correction. It made me feel like I was there.

I was also impressed by the composition of the shots and the smooth transition from shot to shot. Sometimes I have seen directors put more attention into showing off fancy shots at the expense of telling the story. Rose composed her film in such away that I got lost in the story and forgot I was watching a film. That is the sign of a great director.

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The acting was impressive – it blew me away. Tara Lynne Barr, wow! What an actress! I could see her young innocence and how much she wanted to be liked and to fit in.

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Rose told the story at just the right pace. I began to suspect that something bad was about to happen. The mystery and concern for Dawn kept me mesmerized and I wanted to yell at her to get out, to not be stupid! By the end of the film saying I was just upset is an understatement.

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I have learned from the film. It reminds me of people I have met in life who are covert.  Who use the good intentions to lure you into their traps.  I want to use this film to help educate and hopefully help stop the covert from hurting others.


I give it 5 out of 5 Stars!

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