Interview by Joshua Shultz

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Bellus Magazine (BM):  How did Darenots form? Whats the story there ?

Swav Pior (SP):  It started organically in my buddy Shane’s living room pretty much. Initially there was no plan to start any sort of official project, just a few of us would come over to chill and have some drinks. It soon turned into little acoustic jams over beats that I would make and that turned into full on writing sessions. Now we have little squad called DARENOTS with a bunch of songs..

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BM:  How did you get involved?

SP:  I was involved from its inception. It’s this sort of project I’ve always wanted to create/be part of. Acoustic based songs over beats with other electronic elements. So once I connected with the right people (luck would have its with couple good friends) I just started producing the songs that were/are writing.

BM:  What was the inspiration for Heavyweights ?

SP:  Heavyweight initial idea came from our boy Rev (One of the singers in DARENOTS). He busted up his ACL real good over the past winter. I personally never went through that sort of injury but it looked extremely painful and rough. Just a freak accident that happened around the same time that I wrote the beat/music which became the song. He wrote the words for the first part of the song as almost a therapeutic, positive outlook on his not so positive situation. It’s so much easier to get down when something negative happens in our lives. The true challenge is to actually fight and turn things around for the better. That’s pretty much what ‘Heavyweight’ is about.

Check out the music video for “Heavyweights” here…

BM:  What is next for you guys?

SP:  We’re in the midst of finishing our debut EP. We have a whole bunch of tunes to pick from luckily so it’s just a matter of locking in the last few and finish recording them. The official released date is still TBA but it will be at some point towards the end of summer. We will release a few more songs online before for that though. It’s summer music so I want to make sure we can pass some more around ASAP. So.. The plan is get the EP out and play some shows. I’m really looking forward to playing our first show!

BM:  What inspires you to do your art?

SP:  Might seem like a cop out answer but everything inspires me. A good day or bad day, other people, music, my girl, travelling, other artists.. It’s all inspiring just comes out of me in different ways.

BM:  Bellus is latin for Beauty What is your definition of beauty?

SP:  Anything that is positive is beautiful to me ➕

BM:  Where can your fans follow you to keep up to date with your journey ?

SP:  In this social media age of ours the best start would be on all things social media.. Just add DARENOTS at the end and there’s a good chance you’ll find us.





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