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Bobby Holland Hanton is a 30 year old Stuntman who has been doing stunts in movies since the beginning of 2008. Bobby was a gymnast beginning at the age of 4, but retired at 17, where he turned his attention to soccer, quickly becoming a semi-professional footballer for Fareham Town FC at the age of 19. He also spent some time modeling, before deciding he wanted to be a Stuntman.  Since taking the necessary steps to be a qualified Stuntman, Bobby has appeared in 23 movies. Bobby is currently working on the “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” doubling both Captain America and Thor. Prior to that he was stunt double on Oscar winner Ron Howard’s new picture ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ starring Chris Hemsworth and “Jupiter Ascending” as Channing Tatum. He has also performed in such blockbuster action films as “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises“, “Quantum of Solace“, “Harry Potter“, “Pirates of the Caribbean“, “Sherlock Holmes“, “Robin Hood” and the Oscar winning “Inception“, to name but a few. Bobby also landed a role as a Dove Men+Care spokesperson in 2012.


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How long have you been doing stunts?

 I have been doing stunts for about 6 years now. My first role was in 2008 on Quantum of Solace.


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What inspired you to become a stunt man?

My background is in gymnastics. That is what I grew up knowing and loving, and when I grew too tall to stay in the industry, it was heartbreaking. Stunt performing was never in the cards for me, but when the opportunity came knocking on my doorstep, I ran with it and couldn’t be happier!




What was your most challenging stunt ever?

 I would have to say the 100 ft. free fall in The Dark Knight Rises.


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What are some movies you have done stunts for?

I recently finished In The Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth, who I also doubled in Thor 2: The Dark World. I worked with Channing Tatum on Jupiter Ascending, Christian Bale on the Dark Knight Rises, Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern, Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace, among others.


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What advice can you give to other aspiring stunt men out there?

My advice would be to maintain a strict grooming, diet and exercise routine in order to get where you want to be and to stay on top. You are around actors all day long, in a physically demanding atmosphere, therefore you have to be sure you smell good, with products like Dove Men+Care. You have to also make sure you are in tip-top shape, to be able to execute the stunts successfully.


What is next for you?


 I have a few upcoming movies in the pipeline, and hopefully many more after that!


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