Bianca Di Cesare

Bianca Di Cesare


Photographer Joshua Shultz

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Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been doing music?

Bianca Di Cesare (BD):  When I was thirteen I bought my first guitar, but it was only at 17 that I started doing live shows.
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BM:  What was the inspiration for your single “Green Eyed Monster”?
BD:  I was inspired by a feeling of distrust towards someone i loved very much that constantly shot me down with criticism. I felt like that person didnt understand me at all, and all the pain I had gone though in my life. I was claiming my right to deserve love. Then I saw a pattern in a few different relationships I had, and the song became about a mood I think many can relate to.
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BM:  Tell us about the Green Eyed Monster music video.  What was the inspiration for that?
BD:  The video was inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni’s Cult Film Zabriskie Point. Director Loris Lai came up with the whole concept. Supposively he had this scene from the film in mind for a long time and finally saw a match in the song Green
Eyed Monster.
Check out the music video here…


BM:  Bellus is latin for Beauty.  What does beauty mean to you?
BD:  Beauty is something so personal, I find beautiful the people that are not only alive but “awake”, fully aware and reactive to what surrounds them. Its a sort of magnetic experience. You can have perfect features but say nothing to me, or you could have scars and irregularities and I find you the most attractive on earth. I look in the eyes, if they sparkle they usually have seen a lot, and I find the beauty right there.
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BM:  How do you keep yourself inspired as an artist?
BD:  I surrender to all emotions, good and bad. And then come the words. Its like a therapy session where my psychiatrist are the melodies and they lead me to the truth. All I want is fuel for new discoveries, so I need to live between the tension of moving and experiencing a lot and retracting in introspection in the depths of my soul.
BM:  What is next for you?
BD:  I want to develop the Green Eyed Monster EP into a full length album, theres more acoustic songs I’ve created that are looking for a home. Then I want to keep exploring new music.
BM:  Where can your fans check out your music video and follow your journey?
BD:  I have all the “socials” and a website called WWW.LISTENTOBIANCA .COM. Check it out in the videos section!
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