Active Set New EP “Lights”

Active Set New EP “Lights”



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We at the Bellus office had a chance to listen to Active Set’s new EP, “Lights” and we were blown away!  I found myself starting to dance and as I was sucked into the music.  Love the vibe so much.  We are definitely new fans of this talented band.  Take a moment and check them out and if you can go check them out live!

Active Set
Photo by Tami Bahat
Active Set
Photo by Tami Bahat


Los Angeles “alternative” band The Active Set released their new EP “Lights” on 1/22. This is their first major release since the 2011 full-length 11, which scored the band tour support with Neon Trees and AWOL Nation.

“We wrote enough material for 2 albums,” says vocalist/guitarist Matthew Stolarz, “but so much has changed in the last 2 years, emotionally as well as musically. It just made sense to put forth a concise statement of what we’re doing now. Just call it a ‘demi-album’.” The band’s new rhythm section (bassist Alen Racedo and drummer Gabriel Grinta) are just one of those changes, giving Lights an exciting, more focused version of the band’s mix of uptempo newer-wave and brooding popgaze.

The EP was produced by Jason LaRocca (DeVotchKa, Old Man Markley).


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Upcoming Southern California shows:

2/4/15 Harvard and Stone
Hollywood, CA
EP release show

2/11/15 Slidebar
Fullerton, CA

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