Tory Kittles

Tory Kittles

Photographer Joshua Shultz
Groomer TJ Romeland

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Bellus Magazine (BM):  What do you think attracted you to acting at a young age?

Tory Kittles (TK):  Being from a small town, there wasn’t a lot to do as a kid, so my imagination played a big part of my entertainment. I was always imagining worlds and creating characters, even at a young age. There was one time I convinced my cousins that we were gonna go skydiving. Now, we didn’t have a plane but we had the roof of the house.  We didn’t have parachutes but trash bags filled in nicely. To soften the landing, we took my grandmother’s mattress off of her bed and used that. It was a great adventure…until my grandmother got home.

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BM:  You have a very impressive track record as an actor, what is your secret to staying motivated?

TK:  There are so many levels to craft and the pursuit of those levels keeps me motivated. There’s always more to discover.

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BM:  What was it like getting to play Detective Thomas Papania in True Detective season one?

TK:  Well…I got to work with Woody Harrelson….it was a real high point in my career.

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BM:  What can you tell us about the show “Colony”?

TK:  Colony is the perfect blend of everything I love about good story telling. It has great drama, great action, and great mystery; all of these expansive elements and yet it still has the unique ability to remain intimate. I love that.

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BM:  What can you tell us about your character, “Broussard”?

TK:  Broussard is a former assassin with a huge heart, haunted by a troubled past that he’s seeking redemption from. There’s a great struggle in him and the irony is that the very thing he’s running away from may be the thing that can redeem him.

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BM:  What is next for you?

TK:  I have a few things coming up but right now I’m enjoying the Colony ride. It’s been exciting to be a part of the movement. The fans have been incredible.

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BM:  Bellus is Latin for beauty.  What is your definition of beauty?

TK:  Generosity.

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