Riley Smith

Riley Smith

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Jonthan Sadowski: Blazer: Klein Epston Parker Shirt: Eton Riley Smith: Suit: Moods Of Norway Shirt: Hartford Nathan Parsons: Suit: Klein Epstein Parker Shirt: Klein Epstein Parker Kit Williamson: Suit: Sy Devore Shirt: Moods of Norway

Bellus Magazine had the chance to meet up with 4 amazing actors for a day of photo shoots and interviews and laughs.  To see all the group photos click this link  HOT GUYS  Below is the interview and photos for the very talented actor Riley Smith…


Riley Smith is the new smoldering vampire on HBO’s “True Blood” final season (Season 7, premiering June 22). He will play Keith, a sexy rock n roll drummer who becomes smitten with Arlene (Carrie Preston). Riley previously starred on the CW’s “90210” and “Beauty and the Beast.”  He will also soon be seen in the Lifetime film, Nicholas Spark’s Deliverance Creek set to premiere on September 13th.

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Top: AZUL by Moussy Jeans: Agave Denim

Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been acting?

Riley Smith (RS):  16 years.
BM:  Tell us about your character on “True Blood?
RS:  His names Keith. He’s a drummer/vampire who is fond of Arlene. Despite his edgy looks, he is a hopeless romantic.
BM:  What is it like to get to work with the cast?
RS:  Everyone is so down to earth, humble and happy to be at work. It’s a great work environment.
BM:  What can you tell us about “Nicholas Spark’s Deliverance Creek and your character in it?

RS:  Deliverance Creek is Nicholas Sparks first television production. Set in the 1800’s, DC is a Western about a family at war with a town. I play Toby, an outlaw who comes back to Deliverance for the love of his life Belle, played by Lauren Ambrose.

 We shot a 2 hour backdoor pilot that will air as a movie on Lifetime Sept. 13th.  Based on how it does, the network will decide if they want to take it to series. I have seen it, and I’m really impressed with it and excited for everyone to see it! It’s great when you can read a script, have so much faith in it and then see it turn out as good as you envisioned.
BM:  What is next for you?
RS:  Wrapping up True Blood next month, then taking a nice long vacation in Europe while I wait to get the word on Deliverance Creek.
 In the meantime Im also shooting a fun comedy with my good friend Cheri Oteri and a bunch of her talented SNL friends called HOA. I’ve always loved comedy but haven’t really done a lot of it, so this came at a fun time between two serious roles.
BM:  What advice can you give other aspiring actors?

RS:  This business is a marathon, not a sprint. Do it for the love of the craft, or don’t do it all.

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