Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been acting?

Mateus Ward (MW):  I started acting in 2010, so it’s been coming up on 8 years now. 

Mateus Ward
Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  How do you feel about the art of acting and movie making?

MW:  When acting, I try and always find the truth in the characters I play.  I think film and acting are the most complete forms of storytelling.  At its core, it’s all about moving people. I have always seen the world through a camera lens. It consistently just made sense to me when nothing else did. Art in general is the most beautiful way to express the world the way we see it.  

Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  How did you get the role of Jack in STROBE?

MW:  Josh settled.  Actually, Josh approached me and I loved the concept and the vision.


BM:  How did you prep for the film?

MW:  I did a lot of research on the psychology and physicality of meth addicts. Then I took what I learned and applied it, symbolically and logically, to what I discovered about Jack in the script. I also only consumed shakes everyday, and stopped working out, to get a more week and worn down look.  I did not have much time before filming, so it was a crash course.

Mateus Ward and Sammi Hanratty in STROBE

BM:  How do you feel about the film’s message of being anti drug?

MW:  My character learns a tough lesson about how destructive drugs can be to the ones we love.  I think the film is extremely effective.

Mateus Ward in STROBE

BM:  What are your thoughts on the overall film and how it turned out?  Look, music etc?

MW:  It’s beautiful! I am very happy and proud to have been a part of this film.   

BM:  Would you use this film to help inspire others to maybe take a healthy happy path?

MW:  Absolutely.  I believe this film will help a lot of people.

BM:  What advice can you give other aspiring actors out there?

MW:  You are never done learning…

BM:  Where can we see the film STROBE?

MW:   It should be out on the film festival circuit soon and then will be released to the world.  

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