Lily Kershaw

Lily Kershaw


Photographer Lindsey Byrnes
Make Up Jennifer Faustino
Hair Brittany Woodcox
Location Sunset Marquis Hotel



We had the pleasure to meet the beautiful and very talented singer Lily Kershaw.  Not only did we get to the opportunity to learn more about Lily but we had the great pleasure to experience her beautiful singing as she sang us two beautiful songs!  Below is our interview and the beautiful acoustic set with the talented Lily Kershaw…


BELLUS MAGAZINE (BM):  How did you get into music?

LILY KERSHAW (LK):  I initially started writing music at about thirteen, although I did write part of a song that ended up on this record called, “Ashes like Snow” when I was ten, because I loved the idea of telling stories in songs! Also I didn’t think I had a good enough voice when I was young, because I didn’t sound like the woman I heard on the radio, so I thought if I told interesting stories people would want to listen.

BM:  What is your story?  How did you get to where you are today with music?

LK:  My career initially got started when my song As It Seems was placed on the 2012 season finale of Criminal Minds. It’ll be ten years that I’ve been writing when I turn 23 this summer so creatively speaking I feel like I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than a couple years!



BM:  When is your tour?  Where are you going?

LK:  I’m currently on tour! I started in Chicago and I’m ending up in Austin for South by Southwest which I am super excited about! It’s been great! I was just in New York City for a few days which was wonderful!



BM:  Who are some of your favorite bands today? 

LK:  I primarily listen to 60’s folk music, which for me is A LOT of Simon and Garfunkel! But in terms of contemporary music I love Patrick Watson, Damien rice, Sufjan Stevens, The National! I also love Mason Jennings! I opened for him a bit at the end of last year and in January of this year!


BM:  What is next for Lily Kershaw?

LK:  Well a black coffee & a beet and apple sandwich at the Wild Cow in Nashville! A great vegan place!

But in other news… After South by Southwest I’ll be in Los Angeles, where I live, for a couple weeks and then I’m off to France for a promo trip! That’s where my single As it Seems took off on radio first!
Also I’m really excited because my debut record Midnight in the Garden, which came out in the US in September 2013, is finally coming out in Europe in April!

BM:  What advice can you give to other aspiring artist out there??

Write the music and tell the stories that you want to hear because the chances are that if it deeply speaks to you it will speak to someone else as well! Don’t try and be like anyone else! Love and enjoy what you have to offer!

Check out the talented Lily Kershaw acoustic sets below…



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