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Junior Prom


Photographer Lindsey Byrnes  www.lindseybyrnes.com
Mark Solomich and Erik Ratensperger of “Junior Prom” Interview




Junior Prom is a music duo comprised of Mark Solomich and Erik Ratensperger. Based in Brooklyn, the two have been operating just over a year and just released their debut EP via Elektra Records.


BELLUS MAGAZINE (BM):  How did Junior Prom come about and when?

MARK: It was a dark and misty night…

ERIK: After just one day of knowing Mark , we ended up in a rehearsal space together.  He moved to NYC 4 years ago into a mutual friends apartment and we started playing in a band.  After a couple years of that, we found ourselves spinning our wheels. We wanted something more, creatively. So we started working on our own shit sometime in 2012. I don’t think we even came up with our name until the next year when we started playing shows.



BM:  What was it like making your EP?

MARK: Tons of work, but the good kind. We actually wrote and scrapped an entire album before we did the songs on the EP. 

ERIK: It was a very exploratory process; we didn’t leave our rehearsal space for almost a year, writing and recording demos, figuring stuff out.  The EP is a result of all that – it takes time to figure out your sound.  It’s never ending, really, but I’d say our EP is representative of that process. I mean, we made it in Mark’s kitchen and our rehearsal space. Mark produced it.  We made do with what we had and were flying by the seat of our pants.


BM:  What inspired “Sheila Put the Knife Down”?

MARK:  A girl whose name was not actually Sheila got very mad at me and, in truth, rightfully so.  Humor can diffuse lots of situations, but apparently not all of ’em.

That said, the song sprang from this but I added other elements of the story from some things that happened to my brother.  Ultimately, it’s a picture of two flawed people who probably deserve one another.

BM:  What was your first show playing together like?

ERIK: We played a party at Princeton.  They brewed their own ale and gave us a growler of it.  It was chill… ‘til all the drugs kicked in and all the students started taking their clothes off.

MARK:  Erik had to be convinced not to quit the band and join a fraternity, which in hindsight was probably a poor choice. 

BM:  What can we expect next from Junior Prom?  Tour?  Album?

ERIK:  Both.  We’re currently finishing up writing for the record and should be getting in the studio as early as May to record it.  More tour dates should be announced soon as well.


Check out their music video for “Sheila Put The Knife Down” here…

To stay up to date on everything “Junior Prom” check out their website!  www.junior-prom.com


PURCHASE EP:http://smarturl.it/JuniorPromEP