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Jess Glynne


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Music has always been a huge passion of yours, what feelings were going through your head when you resigned from your brand management job in order to sign a contract at Atlantic in 2013?

I was so excited and grateful to be moving into a world where I felt I belonged. I’ve never fit in with any of my previous jobs and I’ve always worked hard in everything I did, but I never fully felt I was in the right place. So leaving that job and signing my record deal was one of the most amazing feelings I could have wished for.

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What has it been like working with Clean Bandits on not one but two hit songs, “Rather Be” and “Real love”?

It’s been great. “Rather Be” was so much fun to be a part – the creation of it was exciting and the outcome was just phenomenal. Creating “Real Love” was different as I had the song first and Clean Bandit then came on it with me as opposed to “Rather Be” that they had. “Real Love” was another amazing song to be a part of with Clean Bandit as it also did things we never expected.

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What inspire your writing? To a struggling artist, what advice would you give them on following their dreams?

My life inspires my writing, the journeys I have been on both emotionally and physically. My friends my family and love I guess. My advice would be: listen to a lot of music from all different worlds to inspire yourself and also teach yourself about the different styles of music that’s out there. Then go and write as many songs as you can – a minimum of 50 – and find your thing, find a sound that is so unique to you that you and only you could be recognized for it.

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So far who has been your favorite collaboration and why?

My favourite collaboration is a hard one because “Rather Be” with Clean Bandit had been such an amazing experience from where it started to now and I couldn’t be more grateful. However, I wrote a song with Emeli Sandé last year and that was also such an special song on so many levels. She is so talented and it was such a pleasure working with her and to have a song that means so much to both of us is so rare.

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Bellus is Latin for beauty. We strive to find beauty in everything. What is something about your life that you find beautiful?

The thing I find most beautiful about my life is that I don’t have a strict diary and every day is a new adventure for me.

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