Australian singer and songwriter Helen Croome, who performs under the name Gossling, recently released her debut LP Harvest Of Gold.  Originally interested in becoming a soundtrack composer (“I loved writing music for horror films,” says Croome), Gossling “is a musical chameleon, who can churn hook-filled songs…Harvest Of Gold’s] piano ballads with haunting melodies that will stick in your head for days,” writes TIME Magazine.  Written in Tasmania and realized in her hometown of Melbourne, alongside producer John Castle (Vance Joy/The Bamboos), Harvest Of Gold is ten tracks of gorgeous pop songcraft – a rich blend of plucked harps, guitar climaxes and European disco matched to a singular voice.  In Australia, she’s partnered with major brands for her own clothing line, lipstick color and is now an official UNIQLO Ambassador.
The new album was just nominated for an ARIA in Australia. 

 Bellus Magazine had the chance to catch up with the beautiful and talented Gossling for a Q and A…


 Bellus Magazine (BM):  What inspired you to get into music?
Gosling (G):  I always played music growing up. I learnt piano and clarinet through school. I dabbled in songwriting but never thought seriously about making music a career. It wasn’t until I heard a record by Damien Rice that I felt compelled to become a professional singer/songwriter. His record was hugely inspirational for me.
BM:  Why the name Gossling?
G:  When I first started out I was really nervous about performing under my own name. I wasn’t a confident performer, so I decided to create a name to hide behind and give myself some sort of mystery. I created Gossling from my Grandmother’s maiden name.
BM:  Can you tell us about Harvest Of Gold?  
G:  It’s my debut album and I’m really proud of it. It has more of an electronic/synth aesthetic to my previous releases which came together because of my producer John Castle.
BM:  What was it like working with John Castle?
G:  It was great. He is an amazing producer who works really quickly in the studio. We used a few bits and pieces from my demos in the final mixes. I really loved that. It helped bring an authenticity to the recordings and made them feel human and not over done.
BM:  What advice can you give other aspiring artist out there?
G:  Do it because you love music. Don’t do it for the money or any other reason because you’ll fall out of love with it.
BM:  Where is the best place fans can go to get up today info on your journey?
G:  My Facebook page is the best place. Or twitter/Instagram with the handle @gosslingmusic.

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