By:  Shannon Moody
New York Fashion Editor


Fall premieres are fast approaching! Will Victoria regain control on Revenge? How will the “Big Bang” gang cope with Penny’s new career? Who was driving the truck on The Following’sfinale? And how will Benson balance raising a child while leading her squad on SVU?

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Many viewers, including myself, are eagerly anticipating these answers, as well as resolutions for other fave TV show cliffhangers. But what I am even more ready for is what new fashion trends & headlines will come about with this new Fall TV lineup. I’m sure my fellow fashionistas are ready for this as well!


The fashion we see on TV, as of late, has experienced a major evolution. There are constant headlines and media recognition being given to costume designers of some very popular shows – Mandi Line for PLL & the new PLL-inspired line for Aeropostale; Janie Bryant of Mad Men, launching Mad Men-inspired lines for Banana Republic and soon her own line;  and Lyn Paolo of Scandal is teaming up with Kerry Washington to launch a line for The Limited, inspired by their show.


Of course, this evolution didn’t just come to fruition over the past few years. The road was paved by costume designer mavericks, such as Patricia Fields for SATC and Eric Daman for SATC, Gossip Girl, and The Carrie Diaries. It was from these talents, these shows, where the headlines first began about the show’s clothing, the fashion being so integral.

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And so now, for so many hit TV shows, many more costume designers are making these same headlines – “ “X” show is great, but so is the fashion element!” As The Daily Front Row reported on Jill Ohanneson with Revenge, “besides the salacious storylines, the show’s fashion fix provides lots to lust over. The NY Times reported about Jenn Rogien of Girls, and how “The Clothes Make the ‘Girls.’” Rogien’s work onOrange is the New Blackhas even scored fashion recognition, with only the use of typical prison and guard wardrobes. There are “tiny details” to worry over, minor alterations that are “highly noticeable” – anything to make the character stand out and express individuality. But not only have I witnessed this evolution while watching some of my fave shows, I’ve seen it firsthand from doing background and stand-in work.


My first TV work experiences were awesome because I would occasionally see myself on TV. Or I was in awe by a particular actor on set….ahem Josh Bowman….ahem Revenge. But soon, I couldn’t help but notice the just as amazing fashion pieces that were also on set – Madeleine Stowe in Hervé Léger or Bridget Moynahan completing a chic look with Christian Louboutin heels. I was so surprised at how much focus and detail was being put into each and every selection and for each and every person, including the background actors! I’ve seen Giuseppe Zanotti heels provided on Revenge or Thakoon for Showtime’s upcoming show The Affair.

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But so what does all of this mean and where is it all heading??


Well it only means good things for us viewers! Each week we get to see what new hot trend or great look Aria Montgomery or Olivia Pope is rockin’. More and more sites are popping up on how you can find a look just seen on a show, and then you can even purchase it! And even if you can’t find something specific, you can still enjoy shopping for looks from collaborative TV show/fashion inspired lines – PLL — Aeropostale; Scandal – The Limited; Wet Seal’s “Crush by ABC Family”; or Mad Men – Banana Republic.  Some of these costume designers are even in talks to work with new reality TV competition shows.


When all is said and done, I’m so happy for the success of TV and fashion merging together. I’m intrigued to see what else might develop. I’M READY FOR MORE, MORE TV, MORE FASHION!!









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