Edwin Hodge

Edwin Hodge



Photographer Joshua Shultz
Cloths by Daniel Patrick  

By: Renee George


From movies like “Red Dawn” and “The Purge” to TV hits such as “Cougartown”and “NCIS”, actor Edwin Hodge is all over the place…and all over television and movie screens. With the right dose of creative freedom growing up, this (OMG, handsome!) American actor sat down with us to dish his own mix of personal and professional details—bringing us to his current, inspiring world—a world we discovered we really, really like. Our weekly musing compass has just gone in this direction:

BELLUS MAGAZINE: You’ve pretty much been acting your whole life. How has that molded you as an artist? Anything else you’d be doing instead?
EDWIN HODGE: I think my personal life outside of acting is what made me the artist that I am today. I grew up living a very active life whether it was martial arts, playing the sax or cooking. My mom allowed me to truly experience various activities and cultures and that knowledge I gained through those experiences is what made me who I am today. It’s hard to think about what else I’d rather do because nothing could evoke the same passion for what I do. Maybe I’d be a pro golfer. I do have a love for golf…
BM: Your brother, Aldis Hodge, is also an actor. Did any sibling rivalry take place while growing up? 
EH: We are two very different actors. There was never any sibling rivalry. My mom didn’t allowed us to think that way. Whatever was meant to be our job was ours and we had to equally put in the effort to earn it. The only way we were going to be successful was if we supported each rather than think of each other as competition. 
BM: You recently starred in the movie, “The Purge” and it was #1 in the U.S. upon its release. Give us some deets! 
EH: That was a great moment in my career and personal life! I was in Paris filming another movie when it came out, so it was kind of hard to keep up with the numbers, but when we ended up taking the top spot, I couldn’t have been more proud. It was another accomplishment and I simply took it in and enjoyed it. It feels good to be number one even if it’s only for the weekend!
BM: Tell us how you prepped for your role in the film, “Red Dawn”!
EH: The prep work for Red Dawn was fun. We spent a week training with marines in Simi Valley. It was interesting learning all of the tactical weapons and pass mach missions. There was a little blood, sore muscles and a lot of sweat, but it was worth it in the end. I took out two marines to complete a mission the day my mom, who is an ex marine, was there to watch. I had to show off a little!
BM: Each artist has some type of creative ritual. Any routines you abide by when prepping for roles? 
EH: BE REAL. That’s my routine. I just want to attack a role in the most honest and realistic way as possible. I never had rituals for anything growing up.  As long as I was confident in what I was doing, I felt I didn’t need one.
BM: You went the fashion route and was in the ever so beautiful short, “A String To Pull”. What’s your take on men’s fashion, and tell us a little bit about your own personal style and what brands you’re currently into!
EH: I think fashion in general is forever evolving. I think men’s fashion should always reflect ones personality. I’ve recently found myself spending a lot of time in All Saints and John Varvatos lately. My style is actually changing at the moment. I’ve been rocking a lot of Varvatos suits thanks to my brother. He’s the one that got me into that brand. I use to wear sweats all of the time. I believe in being comfortable, but over the last couple of months I’ve wanted a change and I figured I’d start with my clothes.
BM: What can we look forward to on your artistic radar for 2014?
EH: I wish I could say! I will have two films coming out this year and that’s really all of the info that I can share.
BM: There’s always growth as an artist. What would your perfect role be, and who would you play opposite?
EH: I never envisioned the perfect role. My goal was to always pick projects I like, embrace the character I have to embody, and perform to the best of my ability. I always want to push my self to be better than the artist I was the day before. I want challenging roles. I want roles that scare me. I would love to work with Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Lawrence, Dicaprio, Sean Penn, and Giovanni Ribisi.
BM: Talented choices! Favorite director? 
EH: That’s a hard one. When you grow watching the works of Scorsese and Spielberg, it’s hard to branch off from there. I’ve enjoyed the work of Chris Nolan and Peter Berg as well.
BM: In a few brief sentences, what would your advice be to the young creatives out there, whether it’s an aspiring actor or art director?
EH: I’d simply say to be patient, diligent, creative, determined, confident and never let anyone keep you from being yourself. It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of Hollywood, but I’ve found that staying true to who I was would pay off some day. Education is huge. Gain as much knowledge as you can about the world because it can only help and think of new ways to reinvent yourself. We live in a world where people want something new everyday. We have to keep with the demand.
*More like the demand should move out of your way, Hodge*
Check out the Fashion Film “A String to Pull” staring Edwin Hodge and Amanda Smith…

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