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Bellus Magazine (BM):  Where does your passion from music come from?

Charlotte Cardin (CC):  From my parents. They are huge music fans and have always exposed my sister and me to different kinds of music ever since we were kids.

Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  Did you always know you wanted to be a performer? 

CC:  Yes, but I didn’t think it was possible to make a living out of it until I was a teenager. I then realized it was such a passion for me, I didn’t have a choice but to make it work.

Photo by Joshua Shultz
BM:  You started out in the modeling industry. What made you switch from modeling to music? 
CC:  I never wanted to make a living out of modeling. I knew from the start it would be a temporary job. Modeling was never a passion for me, where as music always was.
Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  What is your process like when it comes to writing song lyrics? 

CC:  I sit at the piano and write lyrics and music at the same time. I usually get inspired by things I see or hear, not necessarily by personal experiences.
Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  Your on tour right now with Chet Faker. What has been your favorite experience on the tour? 

CC:  Just playing to brand new crowds every day has been absolutely wonderful. It is so stimulating to introduce your music to new crowds because it is a challenge and it’s exciting to see people’s first reactions.
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BM:  Do you have any pre-show rituals?
CC:  Not really! We do a team group hug before going on stage.
Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  Who is on your playlist right now? 

CC:  Daniel Caesar, Dusty Springfield, Aliocha, The Cranberries, Fleetwood Mac
Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  What’s next for you?

CC:  A lot of studio time to work on the album coming up soon and more shows 🙂
Photo by Joshua Shultz

BM:  What advice can you give to other aspiring artist out there who want to be successful with their art? 

CC:  Be true to your art. Don’t give in to others pressuring you to change your style in exchange  for more success. 
Photo by Joshua Shultz


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