Cassandra Scerbo – “A Cry For Help”

Cassandra Scerbo – “A Cry For Help”


Photographer Joshua Shultz
Styling by Danielle DeGregory

Location Hollywood Hills


Photo by Joshua Shultz


Bellus Magazine (BM):  Long time no speak! How are you, what have you been up to?

Cassandra Scerbo (CS):  Hey! I’ve been wonderful! I’ve recently become VP to the anti-bullying organization I’ve been a part of the past few years, Boo2Bullying. I’ve also been focusing more on my music again. Music is something I’ve always teetered in and out of, but it’s a huge passion of mine, so I’m excited to be back at it!


Photo by Joshua Shultz
BM:  Tell us one thing we didn’t know about you!
CS:  I used to respond to this question with the fact that I love boxing and have been practicing the sport since age 17. However, I feel this is no longer something people don’t know about me! Lol That being said, I also played soccer for 9 years growing up and had to choose between acting and the sport in order to come out to LA for my first pilot season. It was tough to give it up, but I had to prioritize.
Photo by Joshua Shultz
BM:  I’ve seen that you’ve sky-dived 4 years in a row to raise awareness on sex trafficking, what was that like? 

CS:  Yes, my friend Serinda Swan has a non-profit called Friends to Mankind which holds a campaign each year called “18 for 18

“, which raises funds to help combat sex trafficking. The initial idea was to raise $1,000.00 for every 1,000 feet jumped. The highest jump in America is 18,000 feet, we jump that every year in Santa Barbara. However, we surpassed this amount by far the first year and have raised up to $350,000 since inception. Recently, funds have gone towards NEW LIGHT org. in India, AFESIP org. in Cambodia, and GIRL2B org. which is also in India. Overseas, children as young as 2 years old are being sold for as little as $50 USD. This campaign is so incredibly important to me, to have a voice for these victims being sold against their will and to face my fears and jump for these women and children who have to face their fears every single day of their life. It’s an unjust war against humanity and I will do everything I can to help put an end to it.
Cassandra Scerbo
Photo by Joshua Shultz


BM:  What is your involvement with the I Am Hope organization?” 

CS:  I was first introduced to PADRES Contra El Cancer through my friend and old co-star, Josie Loren. A few of our MIOBI castmates joined her team and walked a 5k to raise money for children suffering from cancer and their families who suffer as well. After I became aware of the organization I started attending their annual fundraising galas. I was so inspired by the support and love PADRES offers these families. I’ve even gotten the pleasure to do a hospital visit while attending the first gala in Las Vegas. I’m so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

BM:  Can you tell me what other charitable endeavors you’ve taken on throughout the years? I think it’s important for readers to see the impact an individual can have in this world.”

CS:  I’m also an anti-bullying ambassador for the Creative Coalition’s “Be A Star” campaign. I’ve had the pleasure of doing multiple public speaking events on the topic. It’s important for our youth to realize that bullying doesn’t discriminate. “Nothing outside of you can affect you. Nothing outside of you can make you feel sad, angry, weak or disheartened without your permission.” This quote says it all. I constantly preach this to schools as well as the Boys and Girls club, as I feel it’s so important for children and teens to realize that they have the power to be happy, to be successful, to be anything they want to be, as long as THEY allow it in their world.
I’ve also been attending The Thirst Gala for years now, and have had the pleasure of donating to help build multiple clean water wells in foreign countries. 780 million people do not have access to clean water, it’s something we take for granted here in America. 2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation. This organization has taught me so much and I love being a part of it.
Lastly, I enjoy taking time out to volunteer at CHLA where I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most incredible and intelligent children I’d ever had the pleasure of knowing.
This day and age there are so many outlets to create change. Using my platform and voice as an artist is the most important thing I can do. There is nothing more gratifying then helping create positive change in the world.
BM:  Do you remember the moment you became inspired to become an artist and starts making art?
CS:  Honestly, All aspects of the arts have fueled me since before I can remember. I used to put on little shows for my family as a little girl – I’d sing, dance, act. I love the entertainment industry and being able to tell a story. It’s what I live for!
Photo by Joshua Shultz
BM:  What is it like getting to work everyday making art as your career?
CS:  I wouldn’t have it any other way. My art is my freedom. Whether it be writing lyrics to a song, learning a dance or portraying a character. It’s my bread and buttah!
BM:  What is a piece of advice you can give us on making it as an artist?
CS:  Staying true to yourself and the type of artist you want to be. When you’re happy with yourself, you are in a positive mindset. Mindset is everything.

BM:  What is your secret to staying so healthy?

I try to stick to a mainly paleo diet. I also love juicing and working out. My workouts consist mainly of yoga and boxing. Cardio is key. Boxing does the trick for that, while yoga relaxes my mind and gives me flexibility.
BM:  We love this fashion film with you at the Sunset Marquis Hotel with director Joshua Shultz.  Tell us about how that video came about.
I had seen a lot of models creating these unique videos on social media. Josh and I had only planned to do stills that day. However, the moment we put on some music to loosen me up a bit for the more sexy shots, this whole story came to life. It was something different, and being that I’m an actress, it just came more natural to me than a regular photoshoot.

BM:  What are the best places your fans can stay up to date with your journey ?
CS:  Instagram (@CassieScerbo) is my personal favorite platform. However, I’m also active on Twitter (@CassieScerbo) and Facebook (Cassandra Scerbo). I’ve also began snapchatting but I’m still trying to get the hang of it! Snapchat: CassandraScerbo
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