Beau Patrick Coulon Art Show

Beau Patrick Coulon | Crude art and visual finery show

Covered by Cat White

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Beau Patrick Coulon is a visual artist from California whose practice is rooted in photography, videography, and printmaking. With a perspective informed by decades spent living on the road and being deeply involved in the DIY/Punk scene, he shares the experience of a critical insider who’s clearly in love with his subject matter.

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 20th through the 28th- Frogtown’s NOMAD Art Compound is presenting “Marginal Transience” a low fidelity expression of fine art photography by artist Beau Patrick Coulon. This exhibit was assembled during an Artist In Residency Program at ABCO Art Space in Oakland. While experimenting with a wide range of analog film media such as disposable 35mm cameras, medium format and instant film, Coulon explores themes of romance, liberation, adventure, and rebellious humor. His work captures the transient nature of beauty and happiness on the edges and in the cracks of the American Dream.
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A couple of snaps from the art show below

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It’s pretty clear that Beau lives an extraordinary life under the radar of what is considered normal society. He oozes creativity and is an all round rad dude. We at Bellus are excited and will be keeping a close eye to see what Mr Coulon does next.

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