Photographer Joshua Shultz
Stylist Franzy Staedter

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Bellus Magazine (BM):  What was it like getting to be apart of Earth to Echo?

Astro:  Great. It was my first role in a movie and it was as a lead, so that was dope.

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BM:  How long have you been acting?

Astro:  I got my first role about a month after I left X Factor. It was as a guest star in Person of Interest.

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BM:  You have an album coming out soon, please tell about your writing process for this new project. 

Astro:  I wrote most of the lyrics in my head. I used to write all my lyrics on paper, but I stopped. The lyrics flow more freely when their in my head.

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BM:  We love Red Band Society!  What’s it like getting to work on that show?

Astro:  Great. The cast and crew are very cool. Sometimes it feels like I’m in school. I hang out with kids my age and we work together.

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BM:  What’s next for you?

Astro:  I just released my album Computer Era on iTunes. And I’m launching my clothing line Grade A Tribe Clothing in early 2015.

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BM:  What’s the best place your fans can stay up to date on your journey?

Astro:   Twitter – @@stro, Facebook – The Astronomical Kid and my Website –

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