Amanda Crew

Amanda Crew


Photographer Joshua Shultz
Stylist  Sophia Banks
Hair Ashlee Norman
Make Up  Double Take Make Up
Jewelry Katie Dean Jewelry
Location Sunset Marquis Hotel




Amanda Crew was born on June 5, 1986 in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.  She is an actress who has stared in such movies as “Sex Drive” with Josh Zuckerman and Clark Duke and “Charlie Saint Cloud” with Zac Efron She can also be seen in the recent movie “Jobs” staring Ashton Kutcher.  Coming up Amanda will be staring in the new Mike Judge show “Silicon Valley” on HBO

Bellus Magazine had the chance to interview the very talented Amanda Crew…


BELLUS MAGAZINE (BM):  Can you tell me about the show “Silicon Valley?
AMANDA CREW (AC):  Silicon Valley is a half hour comedy for HBO created by the wickedly talented Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis and Butthead) about a group of incredibly intelligent, yet socially awkward, tech nerds trying to make it in the world of Silicon Valley.
BM:  What kind of character is Monica?
AC:  Monica is the right hand women for one of the biggest executives in Silicon Valley, Peter Gregory, who also happens to be socially inept.  A lot of her job is simply communicating for Peter because he has no idea how to.  She’s one of the few women in the world of Silicon Valley but she knows how to hold her own.  She’s smart, strong, independent with a good sense of humor.
IMG_5023 2
BM:  What is it like to work with Mike Judge?
AC:  Mike is simply the coolest.  For someone so whip-smart, talented and successful, he is incredibly humble and down to earth.  Working with him has been such a rewarding experience.
BM:  What is your favorite thing right now?
AC:  Probably the show True Detective. The performances are brilliant and the writing is incredible.
BM:  What is in store for Actress Amanda Crew in the near future?
AC:  Right now I’m focusing on a blog I have with my best friend.  It’s called Granny Girls and it’s very girly, with a lot of recipes, crafts and pretty pictures. You can find it at  On the acting side, I have a few things brewing but I can’t talk much about them.
BM:  I hear you have been working in the world of photography.  Can you tell me about that?
AC:  I’ve always been into photography but have really started to get into this past year.  I generally like to focus on people or food, and am obsessed with my Nikon 35mm film camera.
BM:  What advice can you give to the aspiring artist out there?
AC:  It sounds cliche, but never give up.
Check out the behind the scenes video below…

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